Through all the challenges in the education sector of the past few years, we believe the shifting approach to performance management in schools has been a positive change.

Many schools have been moving away from high-stakes annual reviews, data targets and tick-box CPD exercises. Continuous professional learning and development has become central to school improvement strategy, and this has been shown to have a positive impact on staff workload, well-being and retention.

Through continuous innovation, we want to ensure that our solutions meet the changing needs of our customers and the sector. 

“Professional development is the key lever to improve teaching quality and the school environment”

BlueSky’s powerful tools are now more flexible than ever

BlueSky’s award-winning online platform can save school leaders significant time and eliminates messy paper trails. Our latest updates mean you can easily tailor terminology and processes to your school’s unique culture. This flexibility ensures appraisal, professional learning and quality assurance processes are relevant to your school context, which enhances staff engagement with these activities.

BlueSky Learning and Opal Review - Icons - Customisable terminology

Customisable terminology to fit your school’s culture & processes

BlueSky Learning and Opal Review - Icon - Bespoke Templates

Bespoke templates for all QA activities e.g. lesson visits, curriculum reviews, and coaching

BlueSky Learning and Opal Review - Icon - Simplify user pathways

Simplify user pathways to support staff engagement with improvement practice

BlueSky Learning and Opal Review - Icon - Bespoke score structure

Bespoke score structure to support your school’s culture

BlueSky Learning and Opal Review - Icon - Fully adaptable forms

Fully adaptable forms for your performance review, self-led review, PDR

BlueSky Education - icon - universal tool

Every member of you workforce gains their own career portfolio

performance management in schools

What is the developmental approach to appraisal and performance management?

Our recent research into the changing practices of Appraisal, Performance Management and Professional Learning in schools mirrors the journey we at BlueSky have experienced over the last few years alongside our members. There is a shift underway that is creating a revolution in how the processes are undertaken in schools.

Our report considers our own research alongside other research and professional literature and offers insight as to why this shift is emerging and what it looks like in reality.

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Tamsin Denley

Author: Tamsin Denley,
Head of Marketing and Partnerships

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