Recruit and Retain Top Teaching Talent

In today’s educational landscape, attracting and retaining top teaching talent is a significant challenge. Recruitment and retention is about more than hiring the right people for the role. It’s about creating a nurturing ecosystem where teachers feel valued and inspired to stay and grow. 

The challenge of retaining teachers 

The world of teaching, though inherently rewarding, often places school staff under intense pressure. The workload is nothing short of demanding, with endless hours spent on lesson planning, grading, and navigating an intricate web of administrative tasks. Coupled with complex and time-consuming performance review structures and unclear progression opportunities, performance management can fuel burnout and contribute to soaring turnover rates.  

There are ways that schools can address these issues. With a new approach to professional accountability, teaching can transform into a profession that not only retains its staff but nurtures their growth and well-being.  


Recruit and retain top reaching talent, School Workforce Challenges

“I think it definitely helps as staff feel invested in; we are very much focused on developing every single person as an individual, so that they know that they are getting support and time to be able to develop themselves.” 

Stefanie Emmerson
Head of Governance & Compliance, Advance Learning Partnership 

BlueSky Education Case Study Advance Learning Partnership

Did you know?


of teachers only expect to still be teaching in three years’ time. (Source)

On the contrary…


of teachers indicated that they would choose to become a teacher
if given the chance again. (Source)

Teacher appraisal

Redefining performance reviews

Transparency and equity in performance reviews is key to an effective process. Questions about pay and conditions often arise when the performance review process lacks clarity and equality. By underpinning your teacher recruitment and retention strategy with BlueSky, you can apply clear processes that are consistent for all school staff, and instil confidence in your teachers that their contributions, growth and efforts are being recognised. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Professional development plays a pivotal role in teacher retention by providing ongoing opportunities for growth, skill enhancement, and career advancement. When teachers are supported to engage with professional development, they feel more valued and engaged, leading to increased job satisfaction and a deeper commitment to their profession. Well-structured and relevant professional development programs equip teachers with the tools and knowledge to excel in their roles, reducing the stress and burnout that often lead to turnover. Investing in professional development becomes a powerful retention strategy, fostering a sense of fulfilment and continuous improvement among school staff.

To support, not demotivate teachers, feedback and performance evaluations should focus on constructive, specific, and actionable insights. They should be frequent, ongoing, and formative rather than judgemental. Encouraging a growth mindset and recognizing strengths can boost morale. Collaborative discussions between teachers and evaluators, with a focus on professional learning, are essential. Personalised feedback and clear pathways for development and career progression can create an atmosphere of support, fostering motivation and a commitment to growth. 

School leaders can boost teacher morale by actively listening to teachers’ concerns and ideas, involving them in decision-making processes, and showing appreciation for their hard work. Providing professional development opportunities, mentorship, and clear career advancement paths can instil a sense of value and growth. Creating a positive, collaborative, and supportive school culture, while reducing administrative burdens, can also enhance teacher morale, ultimately promoting a more positive and motivated teaching workforce. 

If you had any more questions that were not answered above, please get in touch.

Shaping teacher satisfaction 

Most teachers and school staff are motivated to work in the education sector for reasons far beyond monetary compensation – they want to contribute to society through their work. It’s about creating an environment that resonates with school staff on a deeper level; how is their work directly impacting the school and its students? 

BlueSky supports a broader approach that encompasses professional development, an autonomous culture, clear progression and growth, and visibility into how each teachers work contributes to school priorities 

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Inspiring teachers to stay

BlueSky Education recognises the inseparable relationship between the recruitment and retention of teachers and their ongoing professional growth and well-being. Our commitment lies in equipping educational institutions with the tools and unwavering support needed to cultivate an environment where teachers not only thrive but feel profoundly valued.

We believe that teacher retention is not merely about keeping teachers in the classroom but ensuring they are inspired to stay, engaged in continuous learning, and enthusiastic about shaping the future of their students. By fostering a culture of professional growth and well-being, we empower teachers to excel in their roles, creating a positive impact on their job satisfaction and the longevity of their careers.

Why Choose BlueSky?

BlueSky’s comprehensive platform facilitates this mission by offering a wealth of resources and support to nurture teacher well-being, personal growth, and professional development. We’re dedicated to enhancing the educational landscape, ensuring that school staff are not only retained but inspired to continue their vital contributions to the field of education.

With a track record of empowering schools and educational institutions worldwide, BlueSky stands as a leader in facilitating teacher retention, and our commitment has been recognised through esteemed awards, including a Bett Award for Leadership and Management.

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