Effective Professional Development 

Professional development for teachers and school staff is a key lever in school improvement, but fitting it into the school day can be a significant challenge. How can schools make it a part of daily practice? 

A personalised approach
to learning

The one-size-fits-all approach of traditional professional development in schools can fail to cater to the diverse needs of individuals and fall short of addressing their specific challenges and goals. This can lead to frustration, disengagement and a feeling that the teacher’s time is being wasted by training that isn’t relevant to them.  

With BlueSky, teachers are not just passive participants; they are proactive drivers of their own professional excellence. 

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“It’s very useful to have everything in one place where staff can see the impact of their work adding up… staff are now seeing that this system is here to help them become better at their jobs.” 

Daniel Brown
Director of Professional Learning and Development, Dulwich College Singapore 

Dulwich College Singapore

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of leaders consider teacher development to be important for school
improvement purposes. (Source)



of teachers don’t feel as though their professional development is prioritised
by education leaders. (Source)

Teacher appraisal

Take ownership of
your portfolio

BlueSky provides a comprehensive platform that puts teachers in the driving seat, allowing them to document and track their professional development throughout their career. Empowering teachers to take ownership of their own professional growth, with documented and trackable development goals, visibility over progress, and built-in evaluations that provide teachers with a clear view of how their practice is directly contributing to overall school improvement. 

Sustainable changes and development require continuous support and follow up. Our platform promotes a long-term perspective of professional development for teachers and allows you to identify areas for growth that align with school priorities. 

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many ways for teachers to engage in professional development to enhance their skills, knowledge, and classroom practice. Teachers could attend workshops and conferences, take online courses, collaborate with peers, gain feedback from colleagues and managers, engage in reflective practice, research new teaching methodologies, or through their formal quality assurance processes. These are just a few examples – professional development in schools can be effective in many forms and should be selected to suit the needs of the individual.  

A school environment that is conducive to professional learning is vital when designing a professional development strategy. There should be dedicated time for teachers to collaborate with one another and share best practices, and consideration needs to be given to how ECTs will be mentored. Providing teachers with individualised development plans is imperative, with goals that align with both school objectives and the teachers career goals. Ensure your teachers have access to the right resources to grow, and provide them with constructive and actionable feedback. 

The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) has identified 14 mechanisms that promote effective professional development in schools. These are split into four groups: 

  1. Building knowledge 
  2. Motivating teachers 
  3. Developing teaching techniques 
  4. Embedding practice 

BlueSky provides teachers with a single centralised platform, offering teachers the means to engage in effective self-review, cover all four EEF mechanism groups and engage with CPD.  

The mechanisms encompass strategies such as managing cognitive load, revisiting prior learning, setting and agreeing on goals, providing affirmation and reinforcement after progress, arranging practical social support, modelling the technique, providing feedback, and encouraging self-monitoring, among others. BlueSky provides teachers with a single centralised platform, offering teachers the means to engage in effective self-monitoring.

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Supporting teachers from
the ground up

When professional development in schools becomes more about meeting regulatory requirements instead of fostering genuine growth and improvement, it can inadvertently stifle meaningful development opportunities for school staff. 

In schools where a culture of collaboration and innovation is lacking, creating a supportive environment for the development and growth of your school staff can be a formidable challenge. Teachers may show resistance to embracing new methodologies or technologies, particularly if implementing these new ways of working add extra work to their plates. 

That’s where BlueSky can help.  

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Unlocking teacher potential

BlueSky supports teachers and school staff to develop practices that impact on student outcomes and create a sense of job satisfaction. 

The platform delivers holistic intelligence that allows school leaders to identify development needs as well as talent and expertise across the organisation. Granular reporting means you can create highly individualised professional development plans that feed into school priorities, as needs change within the student cohort.  

With strategies and goals personalised to each individual, your teachers can have a clear and comprehensive understanding of their developmental goals, ensuring they feel well-equipped and motivated to attain them. 

BlueSky empowers your workforce to set and achieve personal professional development goals that align with school priorities and support student outcomes, ensuring all your teachers and school staff feel fulfilled and capable of delivering high-quality education every day. 

Why Choose BlueSky?

BlueSky Education’s award-winning platform empowers education leaders in enhancing their professional development processes, enabling a comprehensive understanding of its impact on classroom practice and school improvement.

By seamlessly integrating quality assurance and holistic intelligence tools, BlueSky facilitates progress assessment, fosters active and ongoing professional dialogue, and encourages school staff to align their professional objectives with school and trust priorities.

Trusted by thousands of schools, trusts, and groups worldwide, BlueSky stands as the foremost solution of its kind, recognised by top awards including a Bett Award for Leadership and Management.

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