In this report, we examine how changing processes in performance management and appraisal, alongside a greater focus on professional learning, might evolve such that professional learning becomes the top priority in conversations about performance and, therefore, one of the most important drivers for school improvement.

Many schools are revising their approach to performance management. Our latest report considers the changes that are happening and how professional learning is moving centre stage.

Our recent research into the changing practices of Appraisal, Performance Management and Professional Learning in schools mirrors the journey we at BlueSky have experienced over the last few years alongside our members. There is a shift underway that is creating a revolution in how the processes are undertaken in schools.

Our report considers our own research alongside other research and professional literature and offers insight as to why this shift is emerging and what it looks like in reality.

I hope you find it as interesting as we have whilst conducting the research and compiling the report, and that it may provide a catalyst for reflection and, in some ways, provocation – or at the very least food for thought.

“One of the highest forms of accountability is the individual’s professional accountability for the quality of their work. This fascinating report shows how this principle is being baked into appraisal and professional learning practices in schools and Trusts through the building of professional expertise. Rightly, we are increasingly seeing professional learning positioned at the heart of what schools and Trusts are doing to improve the quality of teaching and the curriculum in order to secure the best outcomes for young people.”
– Steve Rollett, Deputy CEO at The Confederation of School Trusts (CST)

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The Emerging Revolution Research Report

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