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BlueSky supports a developmental approach to performance at a leading independent school

Bromsgrove School, Worcestershire

Bromsgrove School chose BlueSky to enhance and integrate their performance appraisal and professional development processes across the entire school workforce, aligning them with school priorities for streamlined, efficient, and effective management.

“It’s a one-stop-shop for school development. I love seeing progress, which is why I love the timeline so much. I can see continuous improvement and BlueSky is helping us to facilitate that.”

Case Study - Sherborne School
Case Study - Sherborne School

BlueSky helps Repton School give staff the recognition they deserve

Repton School, Derby

Repton School’s use of BlueSky’s versatile platform allows staff to evaluate every aspect of their role.

“A big part of the value of BlueSky is its versatility. It allows us to recognise our people for their full role, rather than just focusing on one small aspect of teaching.”

A streamlined approach to appraisal and induction

Sancton Wood School, Cambridgeshire

“We wanted a one-stop shop where people knew when, where and how they were dealing with appraisal, and they could find everything that they needed.”

BlueSky has helped replace the leading independent school’s fragmented approach to appraisal with a customized system that made it easier for staff to engage with the process.

Case Study - Sancton Wood School
Case Study - Sherborne School

A school with 16th century history and 21st century management.

Sherborne School, Dorset

Sherborne School’s new paperless process links the development of staff with its professional standards and school improvement.

“It is reassuring to know that we have a system to help us operate our CPL more effectively and productively. We are now a more effective organisation.”

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