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Our teams work closely with you to ensure our solutions deliver value for your school, trust or group.
Get set up in as little as 2 hours. 

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How we work - Step 1

Start your journey

Book a free, no obligation demo and see our award-winning solution first-hand.

When you submit our demo booking form, our team will get in touch to arrange a discovery session so they can better understand your needs. They will then organise a full demo session, tailored to your organisation’s priorities, for you and your senior leadership team as required.

We will also supply a bespoke pricing quote, based on the size of your teaching staff body – though all staff in your school, trust or group will be able to access a personal portfolio. Find out more here.

How we work - Step 2

Get set up for success

BlueSky’s comprehensive platform can be tailored to fit your process and culture, and flexibly support the organisation and its people as you grow.

Once you have joined BlueSky, a member of our Customer Success team will be assigned to support on-boarding, implementation and training. They will create your organisation account and import your staff details.

Our team will work with you to define how to apply bespoke settings to align BlueSky’s tools to your appraisal, professional development and quality assurance practice and policies.

How we work - Step 3

Unlimited support

Our Customer Success team will provide bespoke online training for you and your leadership team, to help you understand how to manage your account and apply your processes within the platform.

We also offer unlimited online and phone support, whether you have questions about a process, a problem or need to make changes to your account.

BlueSky members can also access our online Help Centre to find instant answers to frequently asked questions and how-to guides, videos and webinars.

How we work - Step 4

Keep in touch

Once your organisation is up and running, you can enjoy some of the other benefits of a BlueSky membership.
We offer an annual catch up meeting so you can review your account set up and make improvements to your process.
You will receive our monthly newsletter which offers lots of helpful guides, blogs and news of our events and webinars for clients.
We also offer additional benefits when you recommend and refer BlueSky to other schools.

How we work - BlueSky Education, Get in touch

Start your BlueSky journey today!

To learn how our comprehensive staff development solutions could support your school, trust or group, why not have a no-obligation conversation with a member of our team?

Fill in our simple request form and a member of our team will get in touch to arrange a discovery call to understand your organisation’s needs.

How we work with schools, trusts and groups

Watford Grammar School for Girls, case study, customer success stories
BlueSky supports Watford Grammar School for Girls new approach to appraisal
School trust, multi academy trust, professional development, customer success stories, case study, City Learning Trust, BlueSky Education for School Trusts and Groups, school improvement
A tailored approach helps City Learning Trust drive staff development and improvement
Dulwich College Singapore CPD professional development
BlueSky simplifies professional learning processes for Dulwich College Singapore