Education’s favourite performance system

With more users in more schools than any other, BlueSky is the UK’s leading software solution to help teachers and schools to drive up their performance.

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The first is still the best

BlueSky was the pioneer of online performance tools for schools. Today, through award-winning development, BlueSky remains the gold standard - for maintained and independent schools, primary or secondary, special and FE, UK and international.

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Performance management, quality assurance, lesson observations, collaboration - BlueSky's modules integrate to create the definitive performance solution.

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BlueSky is a catalyst for better teaching, and greater outcomes for the most important 'customers' of all: the learners.


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Who is BlueSky for?

Senior leaders

Senior leaders

What is your scarcest commodity? Time.
With BlueSky, you have a total solution in one place to manage staff development, professional learning and school quality assurance. The result: 85% of school leaders report that BlueSky saves them about five hours a week.

Teachers support staff


BlueSky is your professional portfolio: the central focus for you and the school to map and track growing success for you both. The system brings a level playing field for all colleagues, is available 24/7, and replaces time consuming (and insecure) paper. It’s also uniquely portable – take it wherever your career takes you.

Executive heads

Executive Headteachers

With multiple schools, the benefits of BlueSky multiply as well. Live Trust dashboards mean instant access (with suitable permissions) to all information, within and between schools. This saves time, enables faster interventions, and helps you adopt a consistent approach. This can then foster cross-school cultures and expectations.

What only BlueSky gives you



Your commitment is just a 1-year contract, with a one-off cost. And set up takes one hour.



Only BlueSky can be moved from school to school. It’s a career portfolio for life.


A universal tool

Trainees, teachers, non-academic staff, CEOs – everyone has a portfolio.


Official recognition

Only BlueSky, the market leader, is a Premier Partner endorsed by ASCL and approved partners with ISBL.


Free upgrades

We never stop improving our product, and upgrade you free.


Dedicated specialists

BlueSky is undistracted by other sectors. We are educationalists, pure and simple.


Support that really is supportive

96% of school leaders rate our support ‘highly’ or ‘very effective’.


Your own shade of Blue

Tailor and flex BlueSky to your particular school’s needs.


Total impact

BlueSky reaches everywhere and everyone in your school.

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Projects is about collaborating on every aspect of professional practice. It enables you to share and gain knowledge, between and across different schools.

Because it's easy – everyone shares more.

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Progress Summary

A 'teacher on a page'.

The Progress Summary gives you an instant resumé of a teacher's entire career, distilled onto a single page.

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Every element of professional learning: managed, organised and powerfully displayed.

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Personalised Dashboards

When time is of the essence (and when isn't it?), the Personalised Dashboards module brings everything to hand.

Live short cuts to activities records, resources, community and live summaries of professional profiles.

You can also communicate directly with other staff, and check on dates and notifications linked to deadlines.

"BlueSky is also paperless which means outcomes of appraisals and monitoring is all to hand online rather than in cumbersome folders. As a result, my monitoring file is empty!" Paul Cross, Headteacher, Hempstead Junior School
"Since introducing BlueSky, we have definitely seen the quality of reflection improve and the quality and value of our appraisal interviews rise significantly." Dr Keith Watson, Chief Executive Officer at the Portswood Primary Academy Trust
"BlueSky helps the leadership team know explicitly how well staff are doing, whilst giving staff ownership of their own career progression" Johnnie Pavey, Assistant Head, Teaching School Specialist Leader of Education, Lampton
"I trusted what they were telling me and could see instantly that BlueSky was flexible and intuitive to use and offered exactly what we needed". Neil Thomas, Vice Principal – Teaching and Learning/Quality Assurance, Doha College
"We chose BlueSky because it links everything together – teaching and learning, appraisals and CPL – securely online and accessible anywhere, anytime" Peter Chillingworth, Director of Continuing Professional Learning, Sherborne School
"BlueSky has helped us to implement a more targeted and structured approach to CPL, and has provided us with a great platform for continuing to share best practice". Louise Simpson, Head, St. Paul’s School
"Overall, BlueSky is a key tool that is helping us to make a real difference to the quality of our programme and ensuring our teachers are the best that they can be for their pupils." Helen Gooch, Curriculum Design Project Manager at Teach First
"I find the BlueSky reports are also great for presenting information to bodies such as our governors, Ofsted, and the local authority". Daran Bland, Executive Head Teacher of CIT South

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