Opal Review

Develop your people through facilitated 360° performance reviews

Opal Review, 360 feedback for school and trust staff

Bespoke 360° professional reviews for individuals or teams

Opal Review is a simple and intuitive facilitated 360° feedback tool which supports a developmental approach to performance reviews for all staff in an organisation. Opal Review is designed to support a forward-focused performance review strategy. Organisations can use the global competency frameworks or create bespoke review frameworks that align with their culture and strategy.

Encourage development with ongoing feedback

A 360° performance review provides the opportunity for individuals to gain feedback from a range of sources, offering a more balanced view of their capabilities. Facilitated feedback has been shown to lead to more impactful outcomes and is an excellent starting point for professional learning and people development.

Bespoke 360 professional reviews for individuals or teams
The complete solution for schools, Trusts and groups

BlueSky Education - Opal Review

Performance review tools for schools, trusts and groups

Designed to meet changing appraisal practices in the education sector, Opal Review supports a developmental performance review strategy for individuals within schools, trusts and groups. Opal Review can be used to support performance reviews in any organisation, with fully supported set up taking less than one hour.

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Subscription to Opal Review alone starts at just £250 for a small organisation, or £500 for a large organisation. It is offered free of charge to existing BlueSky members.

360° feedback that supports a developmental approach

  • Facilitate 360° reviews for all your people
  • Engage your people in their professional development throughout the year
  • Upload bespoke, specific frameworks for different roles
  • Identify strengths and areas for development
  • Repeat the same reviews to evaluate development over time
  • Feedback supports ongoing professional dialogue

BlueSky Education - Opal Review