Transforming Teacher Evaluation

Assessing teacher performance and impact is a complex issue but can be even harder without proper structures in place. A holistic approach to professional accountability can transform the way your education setting assesses performance. 

Balancing accountability and support

It’s crucial to strike a balance between holding teachers accountable for the quality of their teaching while also providing them with the necessary support and resources to grow and thrive.  

On one hand, teachers must be held accountable for their performance. Assessments and performance reviews ensure that school staff are meeting established teacher standards and contributing to students’ academic growth. 

Transforming Teacher Evaluation, School Workforce Challenges
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On the other hand, providing teachers with high-quality and consistent support is vital. Without regular training and support to improve their teaching standards, teachers may find it challenging to adapt to these changes and this can impact on workload and stress, particularly when it comes to the annual performance review.  

BlueSky’s Opal Review is a simple and intuitive 360 feedback tool that supports a developmental approach to your performance reviews. Give your team the opportunity to receive feedback from a number of sources and gain a more balanced and stress-free way to assess their development. 

“BlueSky supports an ongoing dialogue between managers and their staff about the targets, so there is substance to them; they are not there to tick a box, they are authentic, and when I look at them, I can expect to see notes to indicate what the individual has done to keep on track with their targets. This is about performance management as a development tool, rather than a stick to beat people with. BlueSky very much supports that objective because it puts staff in control of their own development.” 

Neil Wilkinson
Executive Headteacher, The Bemrose School 

Did you know?


millennials (56 percent) who report that their manager holds them accountable at work are engaged, compared with 48 percent of non-millennials who say the same. (Source)


of millennials who strongly agree that their manager holds them accountable for their performance say they plan to be with their current organisation for at least one year. (Source)

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Framework clarity for teachers

The absence of coherent frameworks for assessing teacher performance can lead to inconsistent practices and leaves teachers in the dark about what is expected of them. 

While all teachers are evaluated against the universal Teacher Standards, many schools also have their own internal competency frameworks which may not be shared consistently across the organisation. Without a transparent framework and appraisal process, different departments within the same school may be using different approaches and creating unnecessary complexity. 

This is where BlueSky comes in. BlueSky allows schools to implement clear, consistent and equitable practices for all staff, ensuring that appraisals and professional development objectives can be linked with school priorities. By recording appraisal objectives within the system, teachers can document their reflections and track their progress towards both individual and school-wide goals. This information is shared with managers and school improvement stakeholders, creating a more transparent feedback environment for everybody. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Evaluation in education refers to the process of assessing and measuring different aspects of teaching and learning. It encompasses teacher performance, student progress, work towards school goals and the overall effectiveness of education. It aims to provide insight into quality of teaching, identify areas for development and inform decision-making for school improvement.

Evaluation in education helps to identify areas for development in teaching methods, student support systems and curriculum design. It ensures accountability among teachers and institutions, supporting school improvement and development priorities and enhancing the quality of education.

Traditional evaluation methods face challenges in measuring the impact of external factors on student performance, remaining objective, and making sure all evaluations are aligning with school focus and goals. Establishing clear criteria that works for all departments can also be difficult but is essential for effective and comprehensive evaluations.

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Factors beyond teacher control

Student performance in education doesn’t just come down to the quality of teaching. 

Socioeconomic status, family support, community environment, mental health and special educational needs can all play a pivotal role in a student’s academic outcomes.  

Placing sole responsibility on school staff can be unfair and counterproductive. Shifting away from solely data-focused assessments and embracing a more holistic approach acknowledges the multifaceted nature of academic success and allows for more comprehensive evaluation practices. 

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Low stakes, high accountability

Lowering stakes doesn’t mean you diminish accountability for educational outcomes. Instead, it marks a shift towards improving the working conditions of your teachers while still maintaining their individual accountability for teaching quality. 

A lower stakes approach emphasises that teachers should be individually responsible for improving their practice and expanding their capabilities. Rather than focusing solely on achieving specific data-driven outcomes, individualising the performance assessment approach offers more supportive feedback which fosters a more positive school culture. 

Why Choose BlueSky?

BlueSky Education’s award-winning platform empowers education leaders in enhancing their professional development processes, enabling a comprehensive understanding of its impact on classroom practice and school improvement.

By seamlessly integrating quality assurance and holistic intelligence tools, BlueSky facilitates progress assessment, fosters active and ongoing professional dialogue, and encourages school staff to align their professional objectives with school and trust priorities.

Trusted by thousands of schools, trusts, and groups worldwide, BlueSky stands as the foremost solution of its kind, recognised by top awards including a Bett Award for Leadership and Management.

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