Building People Strategy

Without a proper people strategy in place, schools are at risk of losing valuable institutional knowledge, impacting the continuity and quality of education. Defining robust tactics for nurturing and growing your school workforce has many benefits, including strengthened recruitment, improved retention and a clear strategy for school succession planning.

Challenges in people
strategy for schools

In many schools and trusts, responsibility for ‘people management’ and for ‘people development’ can lie with entirely different areas of the organisation, which can lead to a disjointed approach to recruitment, pay progression and performance management that is not linked to professional learning and career development.  

This can have detrimental consequences for resourcing, staff retention and succession planning. With the growing challenge of teacher and school management staff recruitment, schools need to develop a clear strategy that ensures they retain and nurture talent in every role.  

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“The philosophy of the trust is to secure excellent education through collaboration, which is why BlueSky Education is the ideal platform for us in terms of achieving consistency in how we evaluate, support and develop staff, and ultimately, how we secure the best outcomes for children” 

Catherine Taylor
School Improvement Partner, Advance Learning Partnership

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Did you know…


of companies state that they are improving the process around communicating careers to aid retention. (Source)


of school staff found lack of time for CPD to be their biggest barrier to career progression. (Source)

Teacher Workload reduction software, People strategy in schools, succession planning, School Workforce Challenges

Crafting a comprehensive people strategy 

To surmount these challenges, schools must develop a robust people strategy. Such a strategy should encompass: 

  • Effective succession planning 
  • Professional development opportunities 
  • Clear career pathways 
  • A culture of leadership development  

Open communication between administrators and school staff is imperative. A well-structured people strategy not only addresses current staffing challenges but also provides a clear path for professional growth within the school. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Professional development is a crucial aspect of a people strategy. It helps teachers stay current with the latest educational practices, promotes career growth, and enhances job satisfaction. It also reflects the institution’s investment in its teachers. 

Feedback and communication are essential. A people strategy should include regular feedback channels for teachers to express their needs and concerns. It should also encourage open communication between teachers, administrators, and other stakeholders to foster collaboration and improvement. BlueSky fosters a culture of constant feedback and performance reviews, always ensuring open communication between all school staff.

If you had any more questions that were not answered above, please get in touch.

Empower schools with BlueSky

BlueSky Education stands at the forefront of supporting people strategies in schools and multi-academy trusts.

Our comprehensive platform offers school staff the tools they need to achieve professional development. With a centralised platform to document, track and review the professional development of school staff, teachers can maintain complete oversight of their career and growth opportunities, ensuring a brighter future for education.

Revolutionising professional development, People strategy in schools, succession planning, School Workforce Challenges

Why Choose BlueSky?

BlueSky Education’s award-winning platform empowers education leaders in enhancing their professional development processes, enabling a comprehensive understanding of its impact on classroom practice and school improvement.

By seamlessly integrating quality assurance and holistic intelligence tools, BlueSky facilitates progress assessment, fosters active and ongoing professional dialogue, and encourages school staff to align their professional objectives with school and trust priorities.

Trusted by thousands of schools, trusts, and groups worldwide, BlueSky stands as the foremost solution of its kind, recognised by top awards including a Bett Award for Leadership and Management.

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