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Complete flexibility aligned to your educational organisation’s quality assurance culture

Our quality assurance software for schools and teachers offers a wide range of customisable templates that can be tailored to your processes, from formal monitoring to developmental coaching. Instant reporting allows school leaders to identify emerging talent, influence your CPD strategy, and track professional growth over time. Activities can be triangulated to support an individual’s career progression and adherence to teaching standards. Furthermore, these can be mapped to the strategic goals of your educational organisation.

From traditional quality assurance processes to a developmental approach

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The Quiet Uprising: A report into the changing shape of lesson observations in schools

Based on a comprehensive survey of school leaders, our exclusive report examines some of the current theory and practice around the lesson observation and re-ignites the debate surrounding its strengths and pitfalls for quality assurance and improvement in education. Has the time come for schools to consign the lesson observation to the past and instead explore some new techniques for improving and sharing professional skills?

How to use coaching to support quality assurance in education and drive school improvement

Effective strategies for improving teaching need to be based on evidence-informed research. They must also focus on the development of pedagogy and promote collaborative professional learning though structured enquiry. One way to link these key features is through the practice of coaching.

This eBook guide considers why coaching is important, how schools can develop a coaching culture, and the different ways coaching can be used to impact on the school workforce and improvement.

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Quality Assurance case studies from our schools

School trust, multi academy trust, professional development, customer success stories, case study, STEP Academy Trust, Quality Assurance and Improvement for Schools
A holistic perspective improves strategy and standards across 20-school STEP Trust
Primary school, professional development, customer success stories, case study, Barnby Road School, Quality Assurance and Improvement for Schools
Updating the model for whole school teaching and learning at Barnby Road Academy, Nottingham
customer success stories, case study, International school, Taipei International School, Quality Assurance and Improvement for Schools
Improved efficiencies provide a personalised professional journey for staff at Taipei European School