Pricing for BlueSky

At BlueSky, we recognise that every school, trust and group is different. We offer a tailored membership package that is aligned to the priorities and needs of your organisation.

BlueSky pricing is calculated on the number of teaching staff in your organisation, however you will be able to offer every member of staff – from C-level to playground monitors – a personal BlueSky account.

Bespoke staff development solutions for your school, organisation or trust

Packages can be customised to include access to BlueSky Learning, our high-quality CPD library. Opal Review is included with all BlueSky Education memberships, as well as ongoing, no-hassle product updates.

Multi-Academy Trusts and groups for schools can benefit from a cost saving when multiple schools purchase a membership. Learn how we support Trusts and groups here, or simply get in touch with our team to discuss your needs.

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What’s included in your membership

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BlueSky is an all-in-one platform that allows you to easily turn features on or off and tailor our solutions as your organisation grows.

teacher performance management software, teacher appraisal software

We constantly innovate and updates are applied for free. You will benefit from ongoing product development and Opal Review is included for all BlueSky members.

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We offer bespoke tailored online training for your leadership team and staff who will use BlueSky.

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All staff in your school, including C-Level, senior leaders and Operations staff, can access an individual portfolio to manage their appraisal and career development.

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Unlimited customer support over email or phone, whether you have a problem or need changes made to your account.

teacher performance management software, teacher appraisal software

Update staff details or change your settings and process templates in line with school growth and objectives, at no extra cost.

Our award-winning solution supports schools with:

Streamlined processes

  • BlueSky’s in-built tools eliminate paperwork: no need to copy or file records
  • Holistic reporting: leaders to quickly collate reports for stakeholders
  • 85% of school leaders say BlueSky Education saves the SLT up to 5 hours every week

A universal tool

  • Develop your entire workforce: all staff can have a personal career portfolio
  • Using the online platform ensures a consistent and fair process across schools and trusts
  • BlueSky can be tailored to meet you school or trust culture and process

Unlimited support

  • Tailored online training to ensure you get the most from the platform
  • Unlimited access to technical support and help to build bespoke features
  • We continually innovate and improve our product and upgrade you for free

Flexibility to grow

  • BlueSky modules can be tailored and turned on or off to meet your school’s needs
  • Your commitment is just a 1 year contract, with a one-off annual cost
  • Only BlueSky offers individuals a portable portfolio that can be moved from school to school
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BlueSky Education

Get in touch to learn more about BlueSky pricing

If you would like to get a quote for your school, trust or group, please get in touch with our team.

We offer a free, no obligation demo, tailored to the unique culture and needs of your school, trust or group.