Teacher appraisal & performance reviews with BlueSky Education

A developmental approach to appraisal for teachers and school staff, supporting performance reviews that nurture professional growth

Teacher appraisal with BlueSky Education

Performance reviews & teacher appraisal aligned to your school’s culture

BlueSky Education allows you to design a tailored approach to teacher appraisal that aligns with the culture of your organisation, whether your school uses annual performance reviews or has moved away from performance related pay and adopted a continuous professional dialogue throughout the cycle. Our flexible platform allows school staff to align their own professional objectives to school and trust priorities and encourages an open and continuous dialogue with their coach or manager.

Engage all staff in a continuous, agile and developmental process

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Align all appraisal objectives to your team, whole school or group priorities from your improvement plans. School leaders can evaluate progress through instant, granular and holistic reporting dashboards.

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Reviewees can self-reflect against national or bespoke frameworks to inform professional learning pathways. Directly link individual teacher appraisal and operational team objectives to standards.

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Record specific professional objectives with defined success criteria. Hold an ongoing collaborative dialogue throughout the appraisal cycle.

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Build bespoke templates for quality assurance including drop-ins, learning visits, formal observations and instructional coaching. Access global intelligence at the touch of a button.

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Review progress towards appraisal objectives or professional learning goals at set points in the cycle. Provide regular coaching feedback to support when needed.

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Organisations can house their entire professional learning programme in BlueSky Education. Evaluate impact aligned to strategic goals. Build professional learning networks.

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The developmental approach to teacher appraisal

Many schools are revising their approach to performance management. Our research considers the changes that are happening and how professional learning is moving centre stage to teacher appraisal.

In our report, ‘The Emerging Revolution’, we examine the changing processes in performance management and teacher appraisal. Alongside a greater focus on professional learning, individual development is becoming the top priority in conversations about performance and, therefore, one of the most important drivers for school improvement.

A universal tool for appraisal and professional development in schools

All school staff – from teachers and support staff to executive leaders and school business leaders, as well as the operations team – can access their own personal portfolio in our secure online platform, giving everyone ownership of their professional development and progression.

Individual objectives can be aligned to departmental and strategic priorities of the organisation, promoting engagement and commitment.

BlueSky Education - Performance Management, teacher appraisal, Performance Reviews

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