While there is consensus that professional development is the critical lever in improving teaching quality, there is no definitive method that offers the best results for every school.

There are many different ways that professional development may be provided in schools, from external courses to modular online learning, instructional coaching to 360 reviews. What is clear is that for professional development to be effective, it should be relevant to the individual, within the context of the school’s priorities.

CPD is moving to the centre of conversations around appraisal, with many schools replacing traditional objectives with professional learning objectives or even enquiry questions. At the same time, ‘quality assurance’ practices such as Observation are shifting away from being a monitoring exercise to a more developmental practice that is used to identify strengths and areas for development.

In this webinar, we explored some of the different approaches to professional development that are being used in BlueSky schools and how these might be applied in your setting.

Webinar: How to build a CPD programme with impact

This webinar explored:

  • Examples of professional development best practice
  • How to engage staff in the school’s professional development strategy
  • How these practices could be applied in your school
school CPD programme

Making the most of Continued Professional Development in schools

In the education sector today, professional development and learning is positioned at the centre of strategies to drive improvement in teaching quality and student outcomes.

Read our latest blog on making the most of Continued Professional Development to understand the key considerations when designing professional development for you school.

Tamsin Denley

Author: Tamsin Denley,
Head of Marketing and Partnerships

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