Scalable strategic improvement for school trusts and groups

Elevate outcomes by putting people at the centre of school improvement strategy

BlueSky Education, school trust, school improvement, Strategic improvement for school trusts

BlueSky Education for school trusts and groups

Developed by experienced educationalists, our market-leading software allows school trust and group executives to organise, support and evaluate staff proficiency and school quality assurance across a family of schools.

Produce holistic reports using aggregated intelligence to review the impact of strategic decision-making at the touch of a button, while also putting staff at the centre of discussions around school improvement.

BlueSky Education for School Trusts and Groups
BlueSky Education for School Trusts and Groups

Flexible, scalable processes that fit your trust and school culture

BlueSky can easily be adapted to meet changing objectives and processes as your school trust grows, supporting your people strategy and aligning all of the schools in the group to consistent appraisal, professional learning and quality assurance processes.

Schools can still maintain their autonomy whilst ensuring accountability and supportive structures are visible. Individual staff can maintain their BlueSky portfolio if they move to another school within the trust.

BlueSky Education for School Trusts and Groups, school trust, school improvement, Strategic improvement for school trusts
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Endorsed by the Confederation of School Trusts for Appraisal, Professional Learning and Quality Assurance.

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Global intelligence that supports individual growth:
Our market-leading Partnership module

BlueSky’s Partnership Module allows senior leaders, professional development leads and human resources quickly aggregate intelligence across the whole trust workforce to identify development needs, check compliance with appraisal processes and  evaluate the impact of professional learning strategy. The Partnership module is free of charge when more than one school in the trust has BlueSky Education membership.

For a more detailed overview of BlueSky Education’s Partnership module for school trusts and groups, download our brochure today.

Trust Case Studies

BlueSky is used by hundreds of school trusts across the UK to simplify cross-school working. Our dedicated features help trusts implement consistent processes and aggregate information across schools to track performance, identify best practice and share expertise.

Diverse Academies Trust, SEND, Trust
Building trust with staff supports changing appraisal culture at Diverse Academies Trust
school improvement, school trust, case study, customer success stories, BlueSky Education for School Trusts and Groups, Strategic improvement for school trusts
BlueSky Education supports consistent school improvement priorities for Advance Learning Partnership
School trust, multi academy trust, professional development, customer success stories, case study, City Learning Trust, BlueSky Education for School Trusts and Groups, school improvement
BlueSky’s customisable tools and process helps City Learning Trust drive staff development and improvement

Book a bespoke demo

To find out more about how BlueSky can support appraisal, performance management and quality assurance in your school trust or group, contact us today to book a demonstration, the best way to evaluate BlueSky. Our team will get in touch to discuss your needs and arrange a demo tailored to your organisation.

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