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How BlueSky Supports Teaching Schools

10 July 2015

BlueSky brings many benefits to teaching schools and their alliances, supporting them to meet their core responsibilities. Download the complete document

  1. Initial Teacher Training - Lead role in recruiting and training new teachers
    Offering your trainees a support tool like BlueSky, demonstrates your commitment to their development and will aid recruitment. BlueSky then supports trainees to understand their development needs and work with their mentor more effectively. They can review their progress against relevant teacher standards and add evidence towards meeting their objectives.
  2. Continuing Professional Development - Peer-to-peer professional and leadership development
    BlueSky reports identify skilled practitioners and those requiring support within your teaching school and across the alliance. You can then develop needs based peer-to-peer programmes led by your experts and monitor their impact within BlueSky. Widen and target this support by promoting this training outside of your network, all through BlueSky.
  3. Succession Planning and Talent Management - Identify and develop leadership potential
    Identify skilled colleagues, and those with leadership potential, and match to develop focussed CPD and training, recorded and evaluated all within BlueSky. Colleagues from different schools can mentor and support each other and individuals then track their progress within the software, enabling you to monitor and report on their development.
  4. School-to-School Support - Provide and coordinate support for other schools
    BlueSky simplifies cross-school working and enables you to support schools across your alliance. BlueSky Projects aid colleagues from different schools to collaborate and engage in action research and share best practice and expertise.
  5. Specialist Leaders of Education - SLE designate and broker specialist leaders
    Identify and broker your skilled subject leaders within BlueSky and then track and report on their impact. Use BlueSky to identify budding SLEs and develop relevant training across the alliance.
  6. Research and Development - Engage and lead in educational research
    Use BlueSky to identify areas for research and development through reporting and gathering ideas from colleagues. Once defined, engage staff in action research projects.
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