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How BlueSky Supports English Secondary Schools

How BlueSky Supports English Secondary Schools

21 July 2015

Ensuring everyone works together for school improvement at The Downs School, Berkshire

“Working with all staff in this way is blurring the lines between teachers and associate staff, some teachers appraise associate staff and associate staff attend training that would previously have been for teachers only. It’s about identifying the best training to meet an individual’s needs and not simply about their role. The analysis in BlueSky supports us to understand this. BlueSky ensures everyone is working towards our school improvement priorities.

"BlueSky confirms we are focussing our resources in the right places, ensures consistency and we can measure the impact of what we introduce on achieving our priorities.” Carol Butler, Deputy Headteacher.

Read how The Downs introduced BlueSky to their staff and the ways it supported them in their inspection.

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