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BlueSky Sponsors Four Teachers for Uganda

13 July 2015

For the second year running, BlueSky is sponsoring a group of teachers to spend some of their holidays supporting schools in Uganda.

From a list of applications, Viva selected the four teachers with the most relevant and necessary skills who could make a real difference in the Ugandan schools the charity supports. The four are spending a week each in Uganda during the UK summer holidays and we will update you on their return about the impact they have.

What does VIVA do?
Working with its partner CRANE, VIVA provides education for marginalised girls in Kampala, Uganda. CRANE has 20 Creative Learning Centres, which provide 'catch-up learning' for the girls in maths and English to enable them to re-enter mainstream schools. This project is a pilot supported by the Department for International Development (DfID) and, if successful, will be rolled out in other areas of need.

How does the project aim to make a difference?
Traditional Ugandan teaching methods are rigid and blackboard based and the project aims to help local teachers see there are other ways. This project recognises the benefit of child-centred teaching with individual leaning plans. Many teachers struggle to see how they can teach different ages and different subjects in one class.

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