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New Safeguarding training for schools from BlueSky Learning

BlueSky Learning partners with Victoria Raynor, International Safeguarding Consultant and Chair of the International Forum of Safeguarding Professionals.

Launching this September, BlueSky Learning, the Bett award-shortlisted online CPD library, has partnered with Raynor Safeguarding to provide comprehensive Safeguarding training for schools. The partnership will deliver robust, interactive and accredited safeguarding training for all school staff, included with BlueSky Learning membership, which starts at just £375 per year*.

Safeguarding in schools is a perpetual challenge as myriad factors may pose a risk to students. It is well known that the earlier that potential safeguarding concerns can be identified, the sooner school staff can give assistance to the young person in need. Safeguarding is an ever-evolving landscape so staff training must be ongoing to reflect this.

BlueSky Learning is pleased to introduce a programme of in-depth safeguarding training for school staff, delivered by Victoria Raynor, Chair of the International Forum of Safeguarding Professionals, Distinguished Fellow of IFIP and Director of Raynor Safeguarding.

This programme will include in-depth safeguarding training for your staff at induction, the annual refresher for all staff, and a module on safeguarding for governors, as well as a live, interactive online sessions each half term, designed to keep staff abreast of the ever changing safeguarding landscape, and to provide schools with a chance to ask advice from a leading expert.

BlueSky Learning will also offer accredited level 3 Designated Safeguarding Lead training, with DSL Refresher Training coming next year.

This comprehensive safeguarding training can be delivered to the entire school workforce with a single affordable subscription, which also includes access to the comprehensive BlueSky Learning CPD library.

Safeguarding training for schools, safeguarding training, Safeguarding programme

Victoria is a Distinguished Fellow of IFIP and the Chair of the International Forum of Safeguarding Professionals, as well as Co Founder and Director of Schools Like Us, an initiative to raise awareness of the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) on children’s ability to engage with education. Victoria has also worked with the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) to support the Safeguarding programmes.

Designated Safeguard Lead Training – Fully Accredited

Next session: Wednesday 27th March 9:30 AM – 15:00 PM (UK)

Hosted by Victoria Raynor, International Safeguarding Consultant and Trainer, we are running a fully-accredited Designated Safeguard Lead Training course.

Spaces on this course are limited to just 15 places, so please register your interest today to avoid disappointment. A member of our team will be in touch shortly to discuss your school’s membership of BlueSky Learning.

Safeguarding training for schools, safeguarding training, Safeguarding Programme

Comprehensive Safeguarding Training for Schools from BlueSky Learning

Victoria Raynor will deliver a programme of live webinars and recorded sessions released exclusively through the BlueSky Learning platform throughout the year, including:

  • 3 live Designated Safeguard Lead Training sessions
  • Online safeguarding modules for a variety of roles:
    • Safeguarding induction training
    • Safeguarding for governors
    • Safeguarding refresher training
  • An annual update on Keeping Children Safe in Education, with interim updates as required
  • 3 live Safeguarding masterclasses which will focus on a current issue schools are facing
  • 3 live Ask the Expert Q&A sessions where schools can collaborate with others, and seek advice from a leading expert

The first live DSL level 3 training session will take place on 28th November 2023, with 15 places available to BlueSky Learning members**. Details of how to enrol for this session will be announced soon.

Forthcoming staff training modules will cover Safeguarding Induction for new staff, Annual Safeguarding Refresher (for current staff) and Safeguarding training for school or trust governors.

All sessions will be provided online so that Designated Safeguarding Leads and any other staff requiring training can attend remotely, without needing to travel or take additional time out of school. Attendees will receive certificates of completion after the event.

All of the new Safeguarding training will be included in the annual school membership subscription of BlueSky Learning, which starts at just £375 per year (£250 for existing BlueSky Education members). A school subscription to BlueSky Learning provides unlimited access for all school staff to over 180 hours of expert-lead, research-based online professional development content including suites on SEND, behaviour management, pastoral care, maximising knowledge gains, literacy, curriculum design and leadership development. New modules are added every fortnight.

BlueSky Learning offers a flexible approach which can fit around the school day, while all modules include interactive features to help members reflect and embed learning. With the school subscription, every member of staff gains a personal portfolio to access and record content, supporting individual learning pathways and aligned with school priorities.

*We offer a significant discount on BlueSky Learning for schools that are also BlueSky Education members. Talk to our team to learn more.

**More details to be announced soon.

Find out more about Safeguarding Training for schools from BlueSky Learning

Safeguarding training for schools, safeguarding training, Safeguarding Programme
Tamsin Denley

Author: Tamsin Denley,
Head of Marketing and Partnerships

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