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As the new school term starts, no doubt your focus is turning to how to support teaching and learning, and how to engage your staff in ongoing school improvement plans.

Key to improving teaching quality is a well-structured appraisal and professional development programme. When teacher appraisal objectives are linked to professional development that supports the school improvement plan, there are many benefits – for teachers, the school and ultimately, for students.

BlueSky Education encourages a deeper engagement with appraisal, supporting a rich, ongoing professional dialogue that enhances professional development and helps your staff to flourish.

This webinar covered how BlueSky Education:

  • Supports staff to engage with appraisal objectives and professional learning that enhances teaching quality
  • Gives Primary school leaders greater oversight of appraisal, professional development and quality assurance processes
  • Ensures all school staff are engaged with the school improvement plan
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Chosen by leading Primary Schools

With BlueSky, school performance management processes can easily be tailored to your organisation’s culture. Our extensive reports make it effortless to evaluate progress, and collaboration tools ensure professional objectives are aligned with your organisation’s strategic goals.

Used by thousands of schools across the UK, our award-winning platform helps Primary school leaders triangulate appraisal, professional development and quality assurance processes in one place. BlueSky’s fully-online platform saves time and effort, with all processes documented in one place. In-built reporting delivers holistic insights and granular intelligence.

Why not take a look at some of our Primary Schools case studies, including Barnaby Road Academy. 

Tamsin Denley

Author: Tamsin Denley,
Head of Marketing and Partnerships

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