Good morning,

These are unprecedented times and we are very conscious of the uncertainty and disruption this brings as we all work to chart a path through this difficult period.

With school closures now enforced, we appreciate the priorities that school leaders are currently facing. We thank you and your teams for everything you have done to date to support young people, and for your future endeavours during these uncertain times.

We wanted to take a moment to reassure you of our continued services to you. We are geared up to remain open for business and to continue to operate in an effective manner.

Our priority is to protect all of our staff and to continue to service the needs of our clients.

As an online business, our ability to respond to any challenges we may encounter due to travel restrictions and school closures are already in place. Many of you will already be working closely with our team using a variety of online tools.

Our team are gradually moving from office to remote working and we are confident that the service you will receive will be seamless.

We have a business continuity plan in place to prepare for and manage the impact of COVID-19. We are regularly reviewing this plan and will inform you directly should any of our planned working practices change.

We have platforms in place that will allow conversations to continue from different locations. All that is required is internet access, and we can host remote online meetings and arrange the necessary admin. This means that wherever your team are we can continue to support you and your colleagues.

Collectively we have the commitment, capability and resilience to get through this difficult period and we remain here to support you and your organisation needs with anything BlueSky.

Get in touch via email or telephone +44 (0)1483 880004.

Denise Inwood

Founder and Managing Director