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Digital Literacy - Using Film Making to Support Cross Curricular teaching


Woodfield School, Glenwood Avenue, NW9 7LY

Course description

This course is designed to introduce Teachers and TAs to aspects of the Computing curriculum, focusing on one strand, Digital Literacy: Film Making. What is ‘digital literacy’? What are the main features? Why should we teach it? Why should we teach children about safety online? We will explore these themes through some practical activities. Delegates engage in a team work activity planning and filming a 2minute film or Photostory, using iPads or digital cameras. We explore the use of iMovie in a non-technical way or Windows Movie Maker or Photostage Creator (free) on PC to create the film footage. Share and enjoy your efforts of the day in a premier screening of each group’s film @ the movies. Part 1: Digital Literacy Digital Literacy is an important part of our teaching of Computing and therefore we need to understand its importance in today’s society. We take a look at why we should teach about keeping safe online through ‘dilemma activities’. Part 2: Explore the use film making a part of your class’s story telling/ cross curricular genre. This hands-on, practical session will allow your ideas to become creative visual realities. Using simple starting points/topics to create movies or photo stories using iMovie (Note that Windows Movie Maker or Photostage Creator and numerous editing programmes can be used on PC). This is one idea for making a live-action short film from start to finish in under an hour. It doesn't require a lot of prior knowledge or technical equipment, however, there are several rules that need to be followed.

Training Facilitator

Ophelia Vanderpuye

Pricing details

Cost: £90

Course objectives

  • To have a clear understanding of what the Computing Curriculum entails
  • To be able to explain the main components of ‘Digital Literacy’ and why we need to teach pupils about ‘online safety’
  • To create and complete a 2 minute video or Photo story
  • To discuss the use of film making as a way to develop children’s creativity and promote team work

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