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British Schools in the Middle East Leadership Matters network

Strengthen leadership with a one-stop platform for all your staff performance reviews, professional development, monitoring and evaluations.

Supporting your staff is key to great leadership, and knowing what they need, when they need it not only provides motivation for and engagement of staff, it provides clarity around certain aspects of school life.

Through BlueSky, you can facilitate and enhance key areas, such as

  • Collaboration – through mentoring, peer support, working groups, professional learning and action research
  • Coordination – of programmes and departmental oversight
  • Quality Assurance – of monitoring processes such as teaching and learning
  • Human Resources – including performance management, succession planning and talent management
  • Professional Development – evaluate the impact of provision, and our new platform to provide staff with online CPD, via BlueSky Learning
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“Whereas in the past I would have been entering data into spreadsheet and then making comparisons, the system does it all and the Head of Department can discuss the evidence with the member of staff almost immediately.”

In order to support schools better and continuously develop our platforms in line with sector practice we regularly conduct research.

We recently investigated how the practice of observation and monitoring in the classroom is changing. The results of the research are found in our Fact File, available to download here: BlueSky Fact File – The Changing Shape of Lesson Observations in Schools

Here are just two examples of how other schools in the Middle East have trusted BlueSky to bring their processes together in one place, with easy access and information data to align their practice with their strategic aims.

customer success stories, case study, Emirates International School Meadows Dubai, International school

The Emirates International School – Meadows

Andrew Williams, Head of High School, reflecting back upon when he took up the post said, “The school ready rated very highly and part of my job was to make sure that it continued to develop systems and strategies to ensure the school moved forward with a clear vision” said Andrew. “We needed a robust system to document evidence of ongoing success. It had to be easy to use and had to offer clear benefits to all the staff.”

The school is saving time and money by growing in-house expertise. It is an investment. As a result of this staff are now helping deliver and be an integral part of running professional development sessions in school and have identified some real hidden talent.

Want to know more about the BSME network? Get in touch with the team. 

Tamsin Denley

Author: Tamsin Denley,
Head of Marketing and Partnerships

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