Understanding and supporting EBSA – Strategies that work to reduce avoidance

Why are so many children avoiding school? In our next BlueSky Learning Presents… webinar, inclusion advocate Sandra Tibbles explores how emotional distress and anxiety can lead to school avoidance.

As a former mainstream and special school headteacher with first-hand professional and lived experience of Emotion-Based School Avoidance (EBSA) Sandra will provide a comprehensive picture of the problem and proven, successful strategies to support students and their families.

Participants will learn about the interplay between emotions, the brain, and learning, as well as common triggers for emotional distress and anxiety and reasons for avoidance in students.

This session is suitable for Teachers, Senior Leaders, Middle Leaders, Teaching Assistants and Pastoral Support Staff in all phases. The session is free to join. 

Key takeaways:

  • What is Emotion-Based School Avoidance (EBSA)? 
  • Why does EBSA occur? – Emotions, the brain, learning and avoidance.
  • How to support EBSA – Strategies and inclusive practices to help recognise and support.
School avoidance, anxiety, Sandra Tibbles, EBSA

About Sandra Tibbles

Sandra is a global education consultant and highly experienced mainstream and special school principal. She began her 25 + year teaching career as a drama teacher within mainstream secondary education in the UK, and has since worked throughout the education sector, spanning all ages and key stages across local authority maintained, multi academy trust operated, community, and independent schools both in the UK and globally.

Sandra’s work with schools has aspiration, intrinsic motivation, creativity, efficacy and wellbeing at its core and she passionately advocates for inclusive practice, applying key principles of neuroscience, and her vast knowledge and experience of special educational needs provision, to meet the needs of all learners. Sandra is a LinkedIn ‘Top Educational Leadership Voice’ and she writes, develops and delivers training about inclusive educational practices at conferences and across educational platforms, where she has a strong network of associates working throughout the field.

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