BlueSky Learning Presents Sufian Sadiq: Racial Equity – a walk in my shoes

In this BlueSky Learning Presents session we are joined by Sufian Sadiq, Director of Teaching School at Chiltern Learning Trust.

Sufian will focus on racial equity and give advice on how schools can become more inclusive environments.

This session is something that all educators and support staff can attend.

Key takeaways:

  • A clearer understanding of racism
  • What it means and feels like to be marginalised within education
  • What can be done to make your school more inclusive

Sufian Sadiq is the Director of Teaching School at Chiltern Learning Trust, with responsibility for overseeing two regional Hub areas in the South East of England. Chiltern Teaching School is one of the largest providers of CPD to the sector nationally. He is a passionate activist within the educational landscape around race, equity and inclusion. He is a Fellow and Board Member of the Chartered College of Teaching, as well as a Fellow for the Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors. He plays an active role in numerous charitable organisations as a Trustee and also holds key governance roles within educational organisations.

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