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BlueSky Learning Essentials: Safeguarding programme Spring 2024

Safeguarding training for schools from a leading expert

The BlueSky Learning Safeguarding programme continues this term with a series of live sessions, hosted by Victoria Raynor, Chair of the International Forum of Safeguarding Professionals.

These webinars will assist school leaders, staff and designated safeguarding leads to stay informed on the latest safeguarding issues. In each live session, Victoria will share and explain key guidance as well as providing the opportunity for participants to ask questions and share best practice. Learn more about each session below.

With a BlueSky Learning membership, your safeguarding leads can join our forthcoming Designated Safeguarding Lead training day. Learn more about how to participate and how to join our comprehensive CPD membership below.

Starting from just £250, a BlueSky Learning membership offers unlimited access for your entire school workforce to over 200 hours of expert practitioner-led, evidence-based online CPD. The interactive modules develop classroom practice and support school priorities including SEND, Literacy, leadership, behaviour and more. Get in touch with us for a full overview of BlueSky Learning today.

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Safeguarding Q&A – live webinar

23rd April 2024 – 3:45 PM (UK)

This live webinar will be an opportunity for participants to ask our expert Victoria Raynor questions about safeguarding in schools. These events are conducted under Chatham house rules so no personal information will be shared outside of the session, questions can be asked anonymously, and the webinar will not be recorded. This session is open to all education professionals involved in safeguarding within their organisation.

Safeguarding, Safeguarding Programme
Tamsin Denley

Author: Tamsin Denley,
Head of Marketing and Partnerships

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