We are delighted to sponsor Siddiqui Education with this fantastic project

The purpose of the project is to allow deaf children and families a fun interactive experience which aims to help them:

  • To develop the aspirations of young deaf people in the UK as well as improve their skills in teamwork, communication, digital technology, and entrepreneurship.
  • Allow deaf children and families to feel less isolated by competing with other families in this national competition.
  • Build family relationships by working together as a team in a fun and exciting way


The core mission of Siddiqui Education is to support school in bridging the attainment gap and building aspirations for disadvantaged students compared to non-disadvantaged students. They believe this can be done by developing children’s essential life skills through engaging workshops which emulate a real-life television and business environment.

Baasit Siddiqui is the director of Siddiqui Education. He is an experienced teacher who has worked on Channel Four’s BAFTA and NTA winning show “Googlebox” for over seen years. He has now combined his skills, experiences and connections in education, television and business to provide fun, thought provoking and engaging workshops and competitions, designed to build aspirations and skills of those students who would really benefit from the life lessons and skills he is keen to share.

Baasit has delivered workshops to children in over seventy schools nationally, delivered teacher training and keynote sessions to schools, businesses and charities around effective strategies to support social mobility. Baasit has expanded his reach by creating digital versions of his workshops and competitions which have allowed whole families to be involved.

“Let’s Pitch It Family (BSL Interpreted)” is a national competition where by children work with their families to research, plan and record a two minute video to promote their idea for a new Television show concept.

Using resources provided by Siddiqui Education, families are carefully guided through what to do and how to do it.

A BSL interpreted video has been created to complement the booklet families would need to fill in to help them plan and create their idea. The BSL interpretations have been created by Sarah Gatford from www.sarahgatford.co.uk. Sarah is an experienced BSL interpreter who works with businesses to help them achieve gold standard access for deaf people.

Each family involved in this competition will submit their idea to Siddiqui Education and the winning family will receive:

  • Spending vouchers for the winning child/children
  • Flowers and a hamper for the winning family
  • A visit and meal with the Siddiqui’s from Gogglebox.

To find out more go to https://siddiqui-education.co.uk/online/