Thank you to everyone who joined our client training webinars last month. If you missed the live sessions or want to revisit these any time, the recorded sessions are now available to watch in the BlueSky Help Centre.

Some of you may have joined our Live Safeguarding Q&A last week with Victoria Raynor, Chair of the International Forum of Safeguarding Professionals. Details of the ongoing safeguarding programme can be seen below and upcoming events will be shared in future newsletters.

People strategy is a relatively new concept for schools and trusts, but in light of the ongoing recruitment and retention challenges, it could be a game changer. Read our latest blog to understand the benefits.

Sancton Wood, an independent all-through school in Cambridge has used BlueSky to implement a more robust approach to appraisal that is tailored to their particular needs and policy. Discover the case study below.

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Watch our latest training sessions now

Over the past month, our fantastic Customer Success team offered a series of live training webinars to assist our members to master the setup of the appraisal cycle in BlueSky.

If you didn’t get the opportunity to attend these webinars or would like to revisit them, you can now access all the session recordings in BlueSky Help Centre.

Login to BlueSky to access the Help Centre then navigate to the Webinar section from the dashboard.

BlueSky Learning Essentials – BRAND NEW Safeguarding Training

We have launched a comprehensive programme of accredited safeguarding training, in partnership with Victoria Raynor, Chair of the International Forum of Safeguarding Professionals.

The Safeguarding programme is included in the affordable annual membership of BlueSky Learning. Learn more via the link below.

Why do you need a people strategy in your school or trust?

Our latest blog explores how developing a strategy to manage your people can support recruitment and retention in your school or multi-academy trust.

How our schools do it

“We’ve been able to put our unique appraisal system into BlueSky, and we’ve been able to define specific criteria in our structures and systems. We haven’t actually had to change our approach.”

Find out more about how Sancton Wood, Cambridgeshire is using BlueSky’s customisable features to support their unique approach to appraisal.

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Tamsin Denley

Author: Tamsin Denley,
Head of Marketing and Partnerships

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