Welcome to the October edition of the BlueSky Newsletter. In this issue we share the recent Information Paper developed in partnership with the Association of School and College Leaders. We are pleased to now be able to share this with our clients.

We have also developed a mini guide to ‘Essential Steps to Effective Teacher Appraisal’, a free downloadable resource that includes some tips for setting up appraisal processes in BlueSky.

We have a wealth of new blogs for you this month – take a look at the list below for some

Changing Approaches to Performance Management and Appraisal Part 1 

Exploring the research and considerations for improving outcomes 

In many schools, colleges and trusts, the approach to performance management and appraisal is changing. In this paper, developed in partnership with ASCL’s Pay and Conditions expert, we explore the evidence and possible justifications for this change and outline some of the considerations necessary to ensure this change in practice will continue to deliver on accelerating outcomes

approaches to performance management
effective teacher appraisal, school priorities

Essential steps to effective teacher appraisal

Involving staff in conversations about their own performance and professional growth is crucial for creating a sense of purpose and demonstrating their value to the school. So, what do senior leadership teams need to get right when it comes to appraisal?

In our latest mini guide we share steps school leaders can take to link staff objectives with school improvement priorities.

What is the role of a Local Authority School Improvement Advisor?

How do local authorities support school improvement?

We spoke to Paul Hammond, Education Consultant and school improvement advisor about his work.

school improvement, local authority
Why some pupils need explicit teaching around behaviour (and how to do it)

Why some pupils need explicit teaching around behaviour (and how to do it)

In this latest BlueSky Learning blog, we look at why Getting behaviour ‘right’ and pupils engaged and focused in the classroom can be an ongoing challenge.

School Teacher’s pay and conditions

In light of the publication of the School Teacher’s pay and conditions, there will be many questions about the value of teachers’ work and remuneration.

Read Denise Inwood’s response to the STRB report, exploring why Professional development has a greater impact than pay on job satisfaction.

School Teacher’s Review Body Report, STRB. Performance Related Pay
Tamsin Denley

Author: Tamsin Denley,
Head of Marketing and Partnerships

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