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Our flexible online solutions simplify, streamline and enhance staff development processes for schools and trusts, supporting a robust people strategy.

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Develop your people aligned to your organisation culture

BlueSky Education allows you to design a tailored approach to teacher appraisal that aligns with the culture of your school or trust, whether your organisation uses annual performance reviews or a continuous professional dialogue throughout the cycle. Our flexible platform allows staff to align their own professional objectives to school and trust priorities and encourages an open and continuous dialogue with their coach or manager.

BlueSky is a universal tool, meaning that every member of staff in your school, from ECT to CEO to catering staff, can access their own personal career portfolio.

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Professional Learning

Develop and grow your people through focused professional learning. effectively measure impact of learning on objectives.

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Performance Reviews

Tailor performance reviews to reflect your culture and elevate outcomes. Work with staff to link objectives to organisation priorities.

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Quality Assurance

Align your quality assurance processes with organisation culture, linking professional learning, objectives and organisation priorities.

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BlueSky Education is used by thousands of schools and trusts worldwide to manage appraisal and performance management processes that enhance people strategy and support teacher well-being and retention. Our comprehensive suite of tools help to engage staff in professional development, while allowing leaders to evaluate progress through intuitive, holistic reporting that draws on your school’s quality assurance practices.

Schools and trusts in the UK with an ASCL member receive a 10% discount on their first-year BlueSky subscription. 

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Customer Success Stories

School trust, multi academy trust, professional development, customer success stories, case study, City Learning Trust, BlueSky Education for School Trusts and Groups, school improvement
A tailored approach helps City Learning Trust drive staff development and improvement
customer success stories, case study, Bemrose School
Supporting the focus on literacy and middle leadership at the Bemrose School, Derby
Watford Grammar School for Girls, case study, customer success stories
Custom approach to appraisal and professional learning at Watford Grammar School for Girls