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BlueSky’s hidden gem: 360o Feedback

BlueSky’s hidden gem: 360o Feedback

24 January 2017

BlueSky's hidden gem: 360o Feedback

It is a great source of pride to us that BlueSky is education's favourite performance assessment system in the UK.

Our software is the product of working with schools, listening, and drawing on our direct experiences as ex-teachers and SMT leaders ourselves.

The mission for us is not simply to extend the benefits of BlueSky across more schools, but to make sure that every user is getting the very best of it, by using all of its features.

One hidden gem within the suite is 360o Feedback. This feature complements BlueSky's 'main' functionality of acting as a personal cache of teachers' own reflections. The 360o Feedback tool enables teachers to gain rounded feedback, anonymously given, from the people whose views are critical to their development: from peers in the staff room, to management and leadership teams.

It works very simply: contributions are invited, working against criteria set by the school. This could be national standards, or customised questioning.

Once the feedback is in place, the school uses an independent coach (often on their own staff) whose expertise lies in interpreting the feedback, lending a neutral perspective and guiding the individual on how to use this information.

The feedback can be correlated into key focus areas, so for example a teacher might access "What does everyone think of my skills in leadership, or handling the unexpected, or the contribution I make, or how I work with other colleagues?"

This is valuable as it broadens traditional feedback that tends to be focused around classroom pedagogy itself: teaching standards, prep and marking, feedback to students, results and so on.

Instead, a teacher has the extra benefit of all-encompassing feedback to work with, and the strengths and weaknesses it reveals can play a vital role in planning the next phase of their professional development.

BlueSky is the only performance system in the UK to offer this 360o Feedback tool, and the good news is that if you're a BlueSky school, you already have it waiting for you. It's there as standard, and does not require any upgrades or add-ons. scroll down the page to 360 to see how 360o Feedback could help you. Of course, if you find you need any guidance, we're always here to help: +44 (0)1483 880004

And in the spirit of valuable feedback – please do let us know what you think.
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