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ASCL & BlueSky: Changing approaches to performance management

Part 1: Exploring the research and considerations for improving outcomes

In many schools, colleges and trusts, the approaches to performance management and appraisal is changing. In this information paper, developed in partnership with the Association of School and College Leaders, we explore the evidence and possible  justifications for this change, and outline some of the considerations necessary to ensure this change in practice will continue to deliver on accelerating outcomes. 

This paper is the first in a series of three. You can now also download Part 2: Policies, procedures and processes which includes more detailed insight, sharing how schools and trusts have adapted. The third guidance piece is due to be released in Spring 2024.

PLEASE NOTE: in light of forthcoming announcements from the Department of Education, we are planning to update the guidance soon. We will send out the renewed guidance to everyone who has previously downloaded these documents. 

ASCL member, Appraisal policies, procedures & processes, approach performance management

What you will learn in this Information paper

What the sector tells us: Approaches to performance management are changing, with a greater emphasis on supportive professional development and a move to remove the link between pay and performance.

What factors are influencing change: Research has shown the impact of approaches to performance management such as performance related pay, have on teachers’ job satisfaction and retention. Increased engagement with professional development improves teacher retention as well as having a positive impact on student outcomes.

People and value: Understanding how people and their roles can deliver value is at the heart of any organisation. How can approaches to performance management and appraisal maximise the value of people’s contribution to achieving the organisation’s goals?

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“This shift in practice brings us to what is at the heart of value creation in any organisation. The biggest challenge for those responsible for the value created in an organisation, is maximising the relationship between the people in the organisation, and the value they can deliver to that organisation. Understanding how people and their roles fit into that value creation will help maximise those relationships.”

ASCL member, Appraisal policies, procedures & processes, approach performance management

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