Appraisal in schools is changing. No longer seen as a one-off annual event, and with less focus on data-based outcomes, it is becoming forward-focused and places professional learning at its core. The changes we see provide a real opportunity to impact on staff morale, recruitment and retention.

In this two-part ‘Leading On’ webinar series presented by BlueSky founder and CEO Denise Inwood, in collaboration with Louise Hatswell from ASCL, we will explore how this change is happening, looking at relevant research and provide guidance to help schools wanting to change their approach.

In Part 1, Thursday 28 September, 3.30pm, Denise and Louise will look at the current landscape around performance management and appraisal and what the latest research tells us about professional learning.

In Part 2, Thursday 12 October, 1 pm, they will look at the appraisal models schools are using and consider how objectives can be set that are challenging and impactful without relying on data.

Please note: Once you have signed up, you will automatically receive joining instructions for Part 2.

The price includes access to both webinars and resources.

This webinar is suitable for middle and senior leaders

Tamsin Denley

Author: Tamsin Denley,
Head of Marketing and Partnerships

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