From 1 st of September this year, the Department for Education’s Early Career Framework will come into effect, offering a new two-year induction model for newly qualified or Early Career Teachers. The Early Career Framework (ECF) aims to provide additional support and training for teachers to help them focus on developing essential skills and knowledge that will make a difference in the classroom and to their professional practice.

At BlueSky, we are very aware that this framework is a curriculum, and not a set of standards or competencies. Taking this into account, we have added the ECF to BlueSky Education in our ‘Reviews’ area, so schools that want to employ the core programme can access the framework within the platform. You will find the ECF listed under Reviews > National > Teacher > ‘Early Career Framework (ECF)’.

Reviews undertaken in BlueSky are self-reviews or self-reflections, which means individuals are reflecting on their own practice when using this area of the tool. This will allow ECTs to use their review records to inform conversations with their mentor or coach in school about their own developmental needs and areas of strength.

If you wish to use the Reviews area for the ECF review, but would prefer the ECF to be presented in a different way, please let us know, as we can create a bespoke review for you.

With this in mind, we are pleased to share some very exciting news. We are planning to change the ABCD review structure and the language around this. This update will be going live on BlueSky Education in the early part of September and more details will follow soon. These changes will mean you will be able to further bespoke the ECF, and indeed all other frameworks, to meet your own needs. Look out for our next newsletter for more details!

Find out how we support National and Bespoke Standards for developmental reviews here:

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