About Us

Our Beginnings and Philosophy

Founded in 2000, BlueSky Education has been the pioneer of performance management software. Today, our award-winning solution is found in more UK schools than any comparable offering.

For many years, I worked as a teacher and then senior leader. I saw time and again that change can really succeed if you truly engage your major asset: your staff. But that takes support.

BlueSky software provides that supportive framework, helping you to drive up standards, results and staff satisfaction. It gives all the key professionals in your school a central point of data and inspiration – from teachers and headteachers to business managers and trust leaders.

The BlueSky Team

Central to our market leadership is that we never stop listening, and answer our research with creative and robust software development.

As importantly, our customer support team are here to help you get the very best from BlueSky, while drawing on 150 years of combined experience in schools – mostly at senior leadership level.

We are proud at how all these factors combine to create overwhelming client satisfaction. Indeed, some 96% of school leaders using BlueSky have described themselves as 'very satisfied'.

Denise Inwood, Founder and Managing Director, BlueSky Education